Gigi works with both adults and children in four ways:


    (1) Short term, audition & performance preparation


    (2) Professional and Pre-Pro singing training


    (3) Voice & executive presence training for corporate professionals.


    (4) GVT2Go: On Call Immediate Availability

    Gorilla Vocal Tactics

    For the Short Term Audition and Performance Prep, GVT provides immediate help & results. Whether for Broadway, Concerts, Recording Sessions, Theaters, School Productions or that Revue you always wanted to join! Gigi has been called in to quickly prepare candidates for Leading and Supporting roles. GVT proves invaluable in working with Pros, younger singers or singers just having a hard time with that favorite song. GVT Workshops available.


    "Thank you for transforming our voices in such a short period!" Jonathan & Drew Scott, HGTV's THE PROPERTY BROTHERS, ongoing clients, Testimonial on GVT prep for CMA Awards Performances.




    "My son was compelled by Gigi’s Gorilla Vocal Tactics she grabs the student’s attention and holds him tightly for an hour. Sam went through a tough time with his voice change. Gigi pulled him through that without missing a beat (or a show). She knows how to work with kids.” – Kevin Rodd

    Professional and Pre-Pro singing training

    Whether you are a professional or aspiring, avocational singer, child actor, or someone who loves singing, I treat all of my students as if they are training for the vocal olympics. We'll work on exercises to increase your breath support, range, power and vocal versatility. I enjoy teaching many styles from classical to classic rock and encourage my students to develop the same breadth of musicianship and love of music. Pre-professional or professional level students meet 2-4x/month on an on-going basis to develop the technique needed to excel at singing.


    "Gigi has worked with Gabriella & Dante Palminteri for many years. She has trained them and helped them prepare for their many roles. Her expertise & experience in working with young performers is unparalleled. She Gives 100% and we would be lost without her.” –Gianna & Chazz Palminteri

    Voice & Executive Presence Training for Corporate Professionals

    Corporate executives are required to speak with power, clarity and confidence. During this training you will learn to use your voice to reflect just that. Through a series of vocal exercises, body language coaching and speaking tips you will gain the techniques you need to speak with a voice you love and one that inspires teams and audience to act.  

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    914-774-8837 cell & text



    Westchester NY, Locations:

    Rye Brook & Armonk


    New York City:

    Opera America

    330 7th Ave

    7th floor

    ZOOM Video Conferencing:

    Work with Gigi wherever you are. Lessons on the road, warmups etc.


    Diva Days

    Gigi has worked with performers on Broadway, Television, Touring Musicians, Producers and students of all ages and stages. Gigi has performed with many celebrated Singers, Conductors and Composers on many legendary Stages.  She was raised on Country & Classical. After years in Classical Music she crossed over to MT, Pop & Rock. She immersed herself in advanced studies in the field of Holistic Vocology placing her on the cutting edge of all the latest studies and techniques. She has worked with a vast array of teachers and coaches most notably Broadway Vocal Gurus & Speech Pathologists Tom Burke & Joan Lader, Voice Teacher/Feldenkrais Instructor Robert Sussuma, The Singing Athlete & Neuroscience Guru Andrew Bryne and the First Teacher Training Program with Rock the Audition Expert and Creator Sheri Sanders. She also studied with Opera Singers Irene Gubrud, Pamela Kucenic-Motisi, Ellen Repp & MT Specialist Marianne Challis. She presently teaches in Rye Brook & Armonk, NY and is Head Vocal Coach at Standing Ovation Studios, Lighthouse Youth Theatre and FormerAdjunct Voice at Convent of the Sacred Heart Greenwich. Gigi's highly successful work with teens through the difficult times of voice changes has received much recognition and her time is in great demand. Her ability to connect with kids and develop an amazing rapport is unparalleled.


    Gigi attended Manhattan School of Music, Rollins College and the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. While at Rollins she did her student teaching at Lake Sybelia Elementary School and taught Music Classes combining Hearing and Hearing Challenged Children and Emotionally Hearing Challenged Children. She learned to Sign all her songs in ASL and it had a profound impact on her life and career. She performed for many years in Classical Music in Opera, Concert & Oratorio. She served for many years as Children's Music Director for Irvington Presbyterian Church conducting Children's Choirs. Gigi also teaches Early Childhood Music and writes and performs in an interactive Kindie Rock Band, Gigi and the Lend me a Hand Band, that has taken her throughout the Northeast. She created a Lending Literacy a Hand Program for Library Systems and has performed extensively for the Wildlife Conservation Society at both the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium. She has written many shows for them, and for many years led the Musical festivities as the Musical Queen of Halloween at the Bronx Zoo's BOO @ THE ZOO - NYC's Biggest On-going Family Event. She continues her work as a renowned Pre-School Music Specialist. Gigi was tapped as a Finalist in the Children's Music Web Awards for both Best Album and Best Single. Her CD's and mp3 singles are available through CDBaby and iTunes and are regularly streamed on Spotify.